Joan Charles

I once heard my art described as “sweetly sinister”. It is true that I’ve always been drawn to the mysterious. After all, even the sunniest days have a little darkness - the deepest shadows are cast at high noon. I guess that dichotomy is reflected in my work, along with the desire to convey emotion and to capture that elusive moment when something momentous is about to happen.

I paint pictures for galleries, exhibitions, and for private collectors in my little studio in Santa Monica, California. 

You can find select prints and (sometimes) original art on Etsy at JoanCharlesArt.

Book Reviews
I'm proud to be part of a collective of artists and writers who review children's books featuring diverse characters and themes. Please visit author/illustrator Jane Smith's blog, Bird Meets Worm, for monthly reviews.

Exhibits and Shows

Nine Lives, Group Show, Cactus Gallery, April 2024

Love Letters From..., Group Show, Cactus Gallery, September 2023
Loteria IX! Group Show, Cactus Gallery, July 2023
Bird Stories, Group Show, Cactus Gallery, April 2023
Trios, Group Show, Cactus Gallery, January 2023

Tiny Treasures 17, Group Show, Cactus Gallery, November 2022

Tiny Treasures XVI, Group Show, Cactus Gallery, November 2021
A Sappy Birthday  Group Show, Cactus Gallery, March 2021
Friendship Group Show, Cactus Gallery, February 2021

Tiny Treasures XVGroup Show, Cactus Gallery, November 2020
Unusual Child, Group Show, Cactus Gallery, April 2020

Tiny Treasures IV, Cactus Gallery's Annual Small Works Show
Montana Avenue Art Walk

Tiny Treasures + One, Cactus Gallery's 13th Annual Small Works Show
Frankenstein Meets Little Women, Group Show, South Pasadena Public Library
Affair of the Arts, Art Fair
Girls Group Exhibit, The Whole 9 Gallery
Loteria IV! Group Show, Cactus Gallery
Cactus Gallery 13th Anniversary Show, Cactus Gallery
Patterns Group Show, Cactus Gallery

Tiny Treasures XII
Group Show, Cactus Gallery
Dia de los Muertos
Group Show, Cactus Gallery

All Manner of Madness Group Exhibit, the Upstairs Gallery at Century Books
Three Artists Group Exhibit, the Upstairs Gallery at Century Books
Montana Avenue Art Walk

The Secret Garden, Group Exhibit, Hive Gallery
Group Exhibit, Hive Gallery
Montana Avenue Art Walk

Homegrown Group Show, Roberts Art Gallery
Montana Avenue Art Walk

Tarot Group Exhibit and Limited Edition Tarot Deck Artist, Hive Gallery
Lullabies & Nightmares Group Show, Hive Gallery
Harbinger Book Launch and Exhibit, Hive Gallery
Circus, Circus Group Show, Hive Gallery

Small Wall Featured Artist, Hive 6th Anniversary Show
Tarot Group Exhibit, Hive Gallery

Priceless Group Exhibit, Hive Gallery
Alice in Wonderland Group Exhibit, Hive Gallery
Illustration West 48, Society of Illustrators, LA

Westside Illustrators Group Exhibit, Chemers Gallery

Love Letters Group Exhibit, Lunar Boy Gallery

Once Upon A Summertime Group Exhibit

Westside Illustrators Group Exhibit

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